• Portada - Fruit Logistica 2022: Good impressions and great interest in our products

Fruit Logistica 2022: Good impressions and great interest in our products

After the cancellation of the 2021 edition of FruitLogistica, the event was held again for the first time in April.
Despite the doubts and uncertainty about whether the stoppage due to the coronavirus would affect the
2022 edition, for our part we value our participation very positively.

A lower volume of attendance was noted than in other editions, but on the other hand, the visits and
meetings during the fair were of higher quality and relevance than in previous years.

We note a notable interest in our most sophisticated product, ingiGrader, capable of evaluating the
external quality of the fruit through self-learning strategies, we have received several proposals for the installation of our system in various countries.

After two years in constant evolution of the product, the current versions have meant a very important
increase in product quality. We already have various systems in real work with great performance. Our
pay-per-use strategy allows our customers to test the system with a low initial cost
, benefiting from
continuous improvements and updates.

Similarly, unlike in other editions, we had great demand for information about the application of our
system for the update of existing machines. Given the current situation of shortages, by updating the
machinery, the client has a classification system at the hedge of technology, at a lower cost. In the current
economic and logistics environment, it is sometimes impossible to acquire new machinery within an
adequate period, so this type of strategy is of great interest until the global situation returns to normal.