• Portada - The electronic updating of machinery, an alternative to shortages

The electronic updating of machinery, an alternative to shortages

Since the beginning of the pandemic and especially during the last few months, many companies have
faced shortages of components that sometimes make it impossible to meet the demand for machinery
and systems required by the market.
The automation of the entire production chain is an unstoppable trend in recent decades.
In 2022 we have noticed a substantial increase in projects aimed at electronically updating fruit grading
machines that in other circumstances would have been directly replaced by newly built units.
Our experience in the last 30 years has allowed us to develop solutions to replace the electronics of
existing graders of the main brands in the market.
We have customized kits that allow the electronics of a grader to be replaced in less than 3 days of
work, providing the machine with features that are much higher than the original ones.
During 2022 we have already carried more than 20 projects of this type on machines from different
manufacturers, especially in Europe and South America.
During the last year we have been accumulating sufficient stock to be able to deal with this possible
shortage situation and we are serving all the projects on time.