• Portada - New large grader upgrade projects
Actualización calibradores de gran tamaño

New large grader upgrade projects

Since last June we have been executing large capacity grader update projects.
We have executed 7 new upgrade projects on 8 and 10 channel machines with original mechanics from Greefa and Maf.
All our clients opted for the most complete option we offer, IngiSorter+ and IngiGrader.

In all cases, these are machines intended for citrus fruits that came into service as of last September.
In addition to the grading modules, we are installing our IngiControl plant electrical control system in all
of them, which allows centralized control of the soter with its output and feeding belts and the
management of associated incidents throughout the production chain.

Given the success of our products for this type of application, we already have specific kits for the main
models of large sorters, which allows us to reduce installation times.

Thanks to our remote support service and the collaboration agreement with several local workshops, we
have almost immediate response times for remote support and less than 2 hours for electrical incidents
that involve the displacement of a technician.