• Portada - Development, new products and new markets for 2023
Objetivos 2023

Development, new products and new markets for 2023

During the next 2023 we will promote the development of AI applications for fruits in which we still had no experience with the ingiGrader external quality detection module, mainly mango, avocado and various varieties of lemons and grapefruit.

We have joint development agreements that will allow us to apply our technology under the supervision of experts until we achieve the optimal adjustment of the decision model for each case.

We are going to expand the capabilities of the preventive maintenance management module, IngiMTM4.0. After the first real work experiences, we are going to orient the software to be able to manage more variables associated with each monitored element and improve the interaction with the user.

In the line of general development we are going to increase the capabilities of the IngiSorter+ optical module, from 2023 we will have new tools to facilitate the adjustment process of the cameras, we will make the systems compatible for the use of cameras with higher resolution and we will have new tools of dynamic adjustment of the system in work time.

On a business level, we expect a notable increase in our presence in Asian countries, especially India, Australia and South Korea. Although we already had a presence in all these countries, we have consolidated collaboration agreements with several local machinery manufacturers and we expect strong growth during 2023.