• Portada - IngiGrader Avocado: Innovative intelligent avocado quality grading
Clasificación Inteligente de la calidad externa en aguacates

IngiGrader Avocado: Innovative intelligent avocado quality grading

We are pleased to announce the completion and final adjustments of our new decision model for avocado grading: IngiGrader Avocado.

Based on our advanced artificial intelligence engine, IngiGrader Avocado incorporates a robust decision model that has been trained with over 100,000 sample images, covering a wide range of potential scenarios for the external quality grading of avocados.

In response to the specific needs and requirements of our clients, we have increased the importance of the infrared (IR) channel in our final decision model. This adjustment is due to the fact that for most defects to be detected, the IR frequency band allows for clear and precise amplification, thus facilitating a more detailed and accurate assessment of the fruit’s quality.

The development of IngiGrader Avocado has been carried out through the creation and evaluation of three different decision models in key avocado-producing regions: Brazil, Mexico, and Peru. Additionally, we have incorporated data from Spain to enrich our model. After testing multiple frameworks, we have consolidated a general model that covers a wide range of scenarios and encompasses the diversity of defects found in these areas.

Our final decision framework grades avocados into five distinct categories: from «perfectly defect-free» to «excessive defects or industrial use.» Between these extremes, there are three intermediate categories that allow for progressive grading, offering great flexibility and precision in assessing the quality of the avocado.

With the introduction of this new model, we have not only expanded the capabilities of IngiGrader but are also preparing for future additions. By the end of the year, we plan to integrate specific decision models for mango, guava, and Tahiti lime. Additionally, we are working on a specialized module for kiwi, which represents our next major challenge.

The IngiGrader Avocado system is already operational in real-world conditions with several of our customers, and for the past few weeks, it has been available as a standard tool for avocado grading. We are proud to offer this technology that not only improves grading efficiency but also ensures superior quality in fruit evaluation.

We hope that this new tool will be of great benefit to our customers.