Detección de defectos en las frutas con inteligencia artificial

A possible new strategy for detecting internal and subtle defects in fruits using artificial intelligence

The fruit production industry is constantly faced with the challenge of classifying and selecting qualityproducts. Defects in fruit can be both internal and external, and detecting these defects is crucial toensuring product quality and safety. We are working on a possible new approach to fruit defect detectionusing our AI systems. IngiGrader is an advanced artificial […]


ingiGrader Citrus 3.0

Citrus Classification: The Latest Evolution of Our AI Module Citrus Classification IngiGrader Citrus 3.0

IngiGrader Citrus 3.0, our innovative defect detection system based on artificial intelligence, has been officially launched. This latest version will significantly improve the efficiency of systems incorporating our citrus defect detection module. Citrus 3.0 has been developed from its predecessor but optimized in numerous key areas. The maximum processing speed has been dramatically increased, and […]


Actualización de máquinas. Retrofit

Machine retrofit and upgrade, a consolidated business model

We have great news for our company! Following the success of the previous campaign to update systems in large installations, we have signed important contracts earlier than expected to update large machines from other manufacturers whose electronic systems have become obsolete. The business model focused on updating electronic systems for machines in service has been growing year […]


La agricultura del futuro

The agriculture of the future

The agricultural sector has been a fundamental part of the world economy since Neolithic times. However, today, this sector faces many challenges, such as climate change, water scarcity, competition for land and resources, and the increasing demand for food from an ever-growing population. In this context, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is emerging as a key tool […]


Sistema electrónico de clasificación de frutas

Fruit grading, value chain, AI and human perception

The correct classification of fruits is essential to add value to the production chain and maximize the economic performance of producers. Grading is a critical task in the fruit supply chain, helping to ensure that produce is sold at fair prices and that customers receive high-quality produce that meets their needs. The classification of fruits […]


Objetivos 2023

Development, new products and new markets for 2023

During the next 2023 we will promote the development of AI applications for fruits in which we still had no experience with the ingiGrader external quality detection module, mainly mango, avocado and various varieties of lemons and grapefruit. We have joint development agreements that will allow us to apply our technology under the supervision of […]