Our software is really competitive in cost. It is our most widely sold product.

Our software is really competitive in cost. It is our most widely sold product. Our electronic system classifies fruits and vegetables with the possibility of incorporating your logo as well as having the information in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Russian.

Our system evaluates:


Depending on the mechanic base of the sorter, up to 15 pieces of fruit/second. Complete electronic and digital system. All the weight parameters are registered in the computer and all adjustments are done by the computer. Capable of handling two load cells per lane. Computer signals automatic alarm concerning weight system. Dynamic control of tare system, oscilloscope integrated in the analysis of the signal detection..



Technical characteristics:

  • Low cost
  • Up to 35 fruits/sec. In line and in optical mode
  • Up to 14 fruits/sec. In line in weight mode
  • Up to 12 lines on the same computer
  • Possibility of computers in parallel for big installations
  • Sorting on weight, size and color.
  • Friendly work environment
  • Special algorithms for optimizing the packaging of large fruits
  • Personal planning of the system
  • Hardware in real time
  • Remote support
  • Full control of the processing plant
  • Traceablility system, monitoring and production statistics in the work environment
  • Labeling software module
  • IR and 5500K digital cameras

What does our product include?

Equipment or hardware

·Industrial computer, IR and Visible cameras,LED, IR and Visible lighting, Weight acquisition cards, electromagnetic activation cards, timing control cards, Wiring

Optional: When the machine is controlled manually, we provide a complete control system to control and monitor in real time all the relevant aspects from one single point. Hence, the installation ceases to be a set of unrelated machines to become one harmonious working system.

Electronic system or software:

Software to classify the fruit using different criteria.

Program for the management of the different sorted batches on the machine

Production statistics program.

Optional: Program to control the machine manually


·Manual installation on the machine. We will install the first installations on the machine wherever it is located. The training of the use of the machine by the personnel is also included. ·Remote distance assistance is also given to operators and clients. ·The entire system is integrated into an electrical panel so installation times are reduced

What is not included?

The travel expenses

The travel expenses of the technician to the installation site are not included