Retrofitting service

Our easy to use software is ideal for new machinery. It will improve the results of your machine by increasing the preformance and profits of your manufacturing line.

Our 3 products: ingiSorter, ingiSorter+, ingiGrader can be used in any type of machine. Electronic upgrades will allow you to receive the benefits of our grading software (weight, diameter, color) without having to invest in replacing your current sorter for a new one.


We give you a comprehensive service

We will give you complete service at all times and with our support services we offer you a comprehensive solution that combines the benefits of our products with the professionalism of our company.

  • Installation service
  • Support
  • Upgrades


Although our system is easy-to-use, we provide support and training for your workers and customers. A few hours are plenty to master our software.


Our philosophy of continuous improvement includes the possibility of obtaining periodic upgrades from ingiSorter, ingiSorter+, and ingiGrader so that you will always have the latest technological improvements in your machines.

Installation service

There is no need to worry about installation. As part of our service, we assure you will have the best installation of ingiSorter in your machinery