Artificial intelligence for grading machines. Our most advanced and constantly improving grading system includes all the features of ingiSorter+ in addition to our external quality detection system based on neural networks. Our system evaluates:

Our system evaluates:


Depending on the mechanical base of the calibrator, up to 15 fruits/second.

Complete digital electronic system. All weight parameters are recorded in the computer and all adjustments can be made from it.

Up to two load cells for each canal.

Automatic computer alarms on the status of the weight system

Dynamic control of the tare system ·Integrated oscilloscope for the análisis of the signal.



Technical characteristics

  • Based on ingisioter+
  • Artificial intelligence system for evaluating the external quality of the fruit
  • Convolutional neural networks, data engineering
  • Optimal surface scanning
  • UKB, Universal Knowledge Base adapted to the customer(CKB, client knowledge base) machine learning with examples for training

What does our product include?

Equipment or hardware

  • Industrial computer

  • IR and Visible cameras
  • LED, IR and Visible lighting,
  • Weight acquisition cards, electromagnetic activation cards, timing control cards, Wiring

When the machine is controlled manually, we provide a complete real-time distribution control system capable of handling and monitoring all relevant aspects of the facility from a single point and in a centralized manner. The system will no longer be a set of unrelated machines but will be a harmonious working system.

Electronic system or software:

  • Program to grade fruit
  • Program for the handling of different batches sortedd in the machinery.
  • Production statistics program.

Optional: Program for manually controlling the machine


Manual installation on the machine. We will install the first installations on the machine wherever it is located.

The training of the use of the machine by the personnel is also included. Remote distance assistance is also given to operators and clients.

The entire system is integrated into an electrical panel so installation times are reduced.

What is not included?

The travel expenses

The travel expenses of the technician to the installation site are not included